Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simple Folk

Today was the first day going back to the flea market after my trip to Michigan and the weather could not be more perfect. It was sunny, not the tiniest bit of wind, warm enough to walk around for hours but not warm enough to break a sweat.

I planned on wearing a dress — I even had one picked out — but honestly with all of the kneeling and digging and speed walking that I do, it just wasn't practical. Today I meant serious business. Maybe a little too serious because I pulled a leg muscle!

So, sorry for the boring outfit! It's simple but, you know, I'm a simple gal most days. We took these behind an abandoned property on the way.

Oh, and I can't wait to share the boudoir chair that I snatched up today for 10 bucks! It is a little torn and pretty darn dingy, but what amazing things aren't?

(Sam is sneaky.)



(Aha! The sneaky becomes the sneaked upon.)

50's eyelet boatneck blouse: flea market
50's granny shorts: flea market
tights: Target
vintage boots: thrift store

tweed newsboy cap: eBay Christmas gift
vintage plaid: thrift store


  1. I always have the hardest time finding things to pair those 50s blouses with--they're always so short! Even some of my highest waists don't quite make it!

    Lovely, as always! I'm so glad you started your blog, haha :)

  2. You're so cute! I love the shorts and tights combo. :)

  3. Not the least bit boring my dear! Love it! Your boy looks a little bit like a dark haired Ryan Gosling, in the Notebook when he got all scruffy, hehe! :o)

  4. Boring outfit! You're adorable! I dream about shoes like this, but I can get no pair here in Poland :(.
    Anyway, you looked gorgeus!

  5. Those shorts are really amazing! and simple outfits are always the best!

  6. you are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Love the outfit! Can't wait to see the boudoir chair!! I went to a church rummage sale and got a hammock for five bucks, but I wish there had been cool stuff like boudoir chairs!!

  7. Your outfit is definitely NOT boring. I love how perfect your curls look and those shoes are amazing too. You are so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful outfit! That kind of soft, feminine simplicity, combined with a 'heavier' item like the boots is really inspiring me at the moment.

  9. Agree! This is not boring. It's deceptively simple but has the prettiest details up close. :) This blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites!


    A plus B

  10. Pretty boots!

    - Jess

  11. gorgeous! whenever i go flea-marketing, i wear the absolute grungiest clothes. when i went this past weekend, i wore my sleep shorts, an old hoodie, and flats. i find that when i dress up, people will hike up prices!

  12. Your outfit is really pretty (and so are you!) and those shoes are amazing.

  13. I love those boots!!

  14. lovely outfit, lucky finds! i cannot get over the shorts, too perfect!

  15. Your blog is so cute! I love that 1950's blouse. You are clearly much better than me at finding great stuff at flea markets.

    ~ the dandelion girl ~

  16. Lovely outfit, not boring at all!! Beautiful photos, and your hair is absolutely amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  17. your hair is so cute.
    curly, curly. i like it!

  18. Both you and your guy are so cute!! Love your outfit.

  19. This outfit is Ahh-mazing! I especially love your boots!

  20. Looking very much beautiful.
    Her hairstyle and boots are really awesome. Just loved it.


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