Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming Home to Kitties

As much as I'd sort of planned to, I didn't do a lot of antiquing in Michigan and I didn't buy a single thing. I suppose I was just feeling a bit preoccupied.

It's pretty clear to me now that I'm head over heels for old kitty art. Which reminded me that the last time I was in Michigan I picked up these super cheap victorian trade cards. Ever since then I've been scouring for more adorned with kittens, but they're so hard to come by.

My fluffy sweetpea has been loyally at my side all day and night. I brought out one of the quilts I'd found for dirt cheap at the flea market and she's already breaking it in, burrowing in and kneading it. I swear, she's so peculiar with old linens that I wonder if the wealth of past smells drives her a little nutty.




  1. Oh! I just love old kitties too. Sadly, I don't have too many... must keep an eye out! For some reason older depictions of cats seem somehow sweeter!

  2. vintage kitties are SO lovely! Great fabric! I have to bar my puppy from my vintage room or he'd make little cozy nests! There MUST be residue from past lives that they can sense!!!

  3. Just found your blog off of Frances Baker's and of course I had to drop by because we have the same name haha. But other than that, I love your cute vintage style, beautiful photos of homes and barns, and antiquing, can't wait to see more :)

  4. That fabric is lovely, if there's any left over after the curtains you should put it to good use :)

  5. That last photo is too cute to be true, your kitty is adorable! I'm so glad I found your blog by the way, it's just lovely, and I really like your screen caps! I think movies may be one of my strongest inspirations, and probably half the time I don't even realise the impression film costume has one me til afterwards and I notice I'm constantly trying to recreate a characters outfit.

  6. hey there,
    i found your blog through your flickr page :)
    i love your photos so much, especially the ones of your cat ! he/she is the most adorable kitty i've ever seen !


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